“Dr. Cue” on Price is Right!

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“Dr. Cue” and “Ms. Cue”

Special Press Release:  “Dr. Cue” on Price is Right!
From: Billiards Superstars Promotions

On May 4, 2011 Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman filmed a “special guest” segment for the
Price is Right, the longest running game show in TV history.  A very enthusiastic studio audience, a large production crew, host Drew Carey and his assistants, and of course “Ms. Cue”, Dr. Cue’s wife, enjoyed the moment.   “Dr. Cue” performed  “trick shots and so much more” on a Mosconi pool table prize being given away.

“Dr. Cue” is an ESPN and World Masters Trick Shot Champion and has earned over 30 professional “artistic pool” titles from around the world.  He performs over 200 entertainment shows per year using a rather large and varied selection of pool skill shots with a “table trotter” style “twist of humor”, encouraging each person to “Enjoy The Roll” and “Rack Up A Victory” in their game and life!!

Tom is a player / performer representative of Billiards Superstars Promotions, the primary entertainment source for professional billiard legends worldwide. For information go to http://billiardssuperstarspromotions.com/

The show episode is #5585k with a projected airdate of May 27, 2011 on CBS.  “Dr. Cue” appears during the last half of the show, plus the final sign-off with everyone on stage.

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