2015 Accu-Stats “Make It Happen” 10-Ball Invitational Winner

“Make It Happen” 10-Ball Invitational December 17-20th 2015 at SandCastel Edison,NJ


Winner Shane Van Boening

Darren Appleton X 6 11 11 1 W 1-4
Kevin Cheng W X W 3 7 6 2-3
Thorsten Hohmann W 11 X 7 W W 3-2
Jayson Shaw W W W X W 5/10 4-2
Earl Strickland W W 5 3 X 6 2-3
Shane Van Boening 12 W 9 W/W W X 4-2

2015 Accu-Stats “Make-It-Happen”

Our Six Players

  • Shane Van Boening:   Four Time U.S. Open 9-Ball Champion
  • Darren Appleton:        Two Time U.S. Open 9-Ball Champion
  • Thorsten Hohmann:  Two Time World 9-Ball Champion
  • Earl Strickland:       Five Time U.S. Open 9-Ball Champion
  • Jayson Shaw:         Three Time Turning Stone 9-Ball Champion
  • Yu-Hsuan (Kevin) Cheng:  2015 U.S. Open 9-Ball Champion

 This is the first 10-Ball event in our “Make It Happen” series. The six player field is stunning! Bill Incardona, Voice of Accu-Stats, & Danny DiLiberto will be in the booth for all the action.

 There will be sixteen matches. Two players with the best won-lost record after fifteen matches will advance to a “FINALS” match.

 An Accu-Stats “Make It Happen” Event

 Discipline is 10-Ball: Race to 13.

  • Six Players: As always, everybody plays everybody. All matches are “finals” caliber.
  • The Format: Single Round Robin – Each player will play at least five matches.
  • Final Match: The two players with the best record will play one “finals” match.
  • Shot Clocks: 40 second shot clocks will be in clear view for players and viewers.
  • The invited players will incur no entry fees, no travel expenses, and no lodging expenses.
  • Prize Breakdown: The winner of each match will receive $1,000.00.
  • Accu-Stats will also pay for the production crew’s travel and lodging expenses.
  • A “car service” will be hired to shuttle players and attendees to and from the airport, hotel, and tournament site at no charge.
  • A “Make It Happen” supporter will win or share $1,000 in our “Best Won-Lost Challenge”.

Call Pat at 800-828-0397 or go to http://www.accu-stats.com/MIH10ball.pdf for information on how you can “Make It Happen”.