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Pedro Wins USBA Tour Open in Houston

Pedro Piedrabuena -Winner

2nd Hugo Patino

What an exciting day for Houston’s billiard community. For the first time the USBA would hold an Open Tournament attracting some of the best players in the country including current US National Champion Pedro Piedrabuena. Twenty-eight players prepared to do battle over three days with the promise of an extremely excting final.

USBA Tour B+ Carom Cafe

l to r: Jong Min Lee, Lloyd Wallace, Jim Shovak, John Kim

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On Friday, thirty B+ players began round robin play in five groups.  The first and second place winners from each group advanced to the semi-finals along with the winner of the auction and the winner of the lottery.

Frédéric Caudron climbs on a golden cloud by Frits BAKKER

MARXUQUERA – Frédéric Caudron was already the number one in the world ranking, after the Juanjo Trilles Challenge he is now the undisputed best player in the world. The Belgian today, on the final day of the battle in Marxuquera (Spain) on a golden clowd: he defeated the reigning world champion, Dick Jaspers, in a 600 points marathon match: 600-501 in 274 innings (averaging 2.190/1.828)


The Dubuque 3-Cushion Open III

Eighteen three-cushion players from seven states gathered in Iowa on June 8, 9, & 10 for the third annual Dubuque Open.  The competition was played on three reconditioned Brunswick tables in the Masonic Temple’s majestic billiard room.    Favorites going in were George Ashby of Murrayville, Illinois, who won the national tournament in 1976, 1981, and 1984, and Fred Lamers of the Minneapolis Billiard Club, who won the Dubuque Open the last two years.  As many predicted, the two made it to the championship game.

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Two Titans of 3 Cushion Billiards in a Game of 600

Two Titans of 3 Cushion Billiards in a Game of 600
Points with a 15.000 Euro Prize

Marxuquera, 2012, May 30 – The “Foundation Juan Jose Trilles” for the Development of Knowledge and the Arts announces the event “Juanjo Trilles Challenge” of three cushion billiards where the competitors will be Frederic Caudron and Dick Jaspers in a tournament of only one game and 600 points during 4 days.

The tournament will be celebrated in Marxuquera (Valencia) Spain, from 27 to 30 June 2012 and will be broadcasted to the whole world with a live feed via the website: Seats may be purchased in the actual room where the tournament will take place and it is also possible to book 5 nights with breakfast in a hotel.

Federic Caudron                                               Dick Jaspers

Pedro Wins 2012 USBA Nationals



The 2012 USBA National Three-Cushion Championship Tournament, played for the second consecutive year at the Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel as part of the ACS national tournament week, ended in dramatic fashion as defending champion Pedro Piedrabuena overcame a twelve point deficit with a scorching finish to defeat Mazin Shooni 40 to 33 in 34 innings.  With the victory, Piedrabuena not only defended his crown but also notched his 5th national championship title.


2nd Day Charts and Results of Prelims

The second day of the preliminaries concluded at the USBA Three Cushion National Championship in Las Vegas without any major surprises.

In flight A, Pedro Piedrabuena, appears to be in top form as he began the defense of his 2011 crown.  His hardest matches remain to be played on the last day of the opening round.  Both Gary Cohen and Kahlil Diab stand at 3 to 1 and hope to challenge Piedrabuena.  Gilbert Najm suffered a few tough losses early but rebounded with a strong victory over Cohen.  Playing well in the group is Paul Frankel, who has a victory over Najm and two close losses to Cohen and Diab.

Mazin Shooni and Gary Elias are both undefeated in Group B with two games to be played.  They’ll play each other in the last game of the third day.  A step behind at 3-1 is Victor Cuzzi.  All three should advance to the semi finals.

The top of the class in Group C is Miguel Torres, who sports a 4-0 record.  Peter Banyai and Lupe Cruz have one loss each and look to advance to the semi-finals, although Jamil Israel has an outside shot if he can knock out Cruz.

No player has emerged as the clear favorite in Group D.  Michael Kang, Dung Nguyen and Jim Hendrickson all have 3 wins and 1 loss.  Mark Hansen at 2-2 is a neck behind as the players hit the home stretch.  The spectators and rail birds have been impressed with the play of Nguyen, a young player from Houston who lost in the 2 hole to Kang.

Another young Vietnamese-American player from Houston has fought his way to the top of Group E.  Thanh Vu stands at 4 wins and no defeats entering the last day.  He dispatched the wily Frank Torres 25 to 22 in a great match.  Torres and Tom Rossman are both 3-1.  Rossman may have the tougher road as he has yet to face Torres.  Hoping to break into the semi-finals is Carlos Bazo, who has 2 wins and the same number of loses.

A couple of seasoned veterans from New York head the pack in Group F.  Hugo Patino and Sunny Cho are both 4 – 0.  They’ll play each other in the opening round on day three.  Third place is still up for grabs.  Jim Shovak, Robert Ferrara and Tony Ferrara are all in the running.  The game between Shovak and the younger Ferrara (Tony) will be critical.

Jae Cho looks like he has regained the form that earned him the 2010 national championship.  He has not been challenged.  None of his opponents has scored more than 11 points against him.  Fred Lamars likely secured a spot in the semi-finals with a tight 25 to 23 over Joe DeAmato.  DeAmato led the entire game but Lamars closed it out with a run of 3.

Played on 8 new Gabriels Elements tables set out in the Cohiba Room at the Tropicana Hotel on the Vegas Strip, the USBA nationals will continue with the semi-final rounds tomorrow.  Twenty players will advance to the semis, and 8 will then move to the finals, which will be played on Thursday.

Special Report from USBA Directors to Professor-Q-Ball.  More reports to follow.

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In Memory of Steve Elzinga.

In Memory of Steve Elzinga.

Steve passed away on April 13, 2012 at the age of 63 from Lung Cancer. Born on March 24,1949 and lived in Grand Rapid MI.

One of Steve interests was Ski Diving and had 720 jumps to his name during the years of 1985 to 1993.

He also liked to play billiards and had played it for 40 or so yrs. Steve helped to promote the game by filming and streaming live 3-cushion tournaments over the course of 4 yrs. His streaming partner Michael Christenson a very close friend of Steve’s worked together and both helped a lot of people on the forums and helped a lot of streamers get started and produce better streams.

His name here was sde and was Mi_Billiards and sde on the streams.

Steve was a proud Viet Nam vet and was buried with honors at the Ft. Custer memorial cemetery in Battle Creek Michigan.

Steve was a great friend and will be surely missed by!!


Pedro Piedrabuena wins final: 3.750 average

Pedro Piedrabuena played a great final in Maywood.

MAYWOOD – The 40-year-old Pedro Piedrabuena from San Diego in Calyfornia has won the Open USBA three cushion tournament in Maywood. In the finals he defeated Hugo Pattino, the number one on the ranking, in a magnificent match: 30 points in eight innings (30-16).

The tournament, with a total prize money of $ 17.000, was played in the Eight ball billiards center in Maywood and was part of the Open tournament series of the USBA.

Forty players were divided into 5 groups of 8 players, playing round robin. The top 2 finishers from each group advanced to the semifinals. The top USBA-ranked A-players were seeded into the qualification groups, one per group.


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