Inverse Speed Shot

Inverse Speed Shot By Tim Chin – Ranked 4th by WPA-APD One of the most amazing types of trick shots is speed shots. You’ve...

2012 US Open Artistic Pool Championship

There will be full world ranking points awarded for this Championship and North American rankings for all North American players.


$5000 Added Money


Where:   Harrah’s Hotel and Casino / Tunica, Mississippi


When:   July 26th, 27th 28, Thursday-Saturday


One Rail Masse

As many of you know, it is easy to reach a level of play where you feel as if you cannot continue to improve much more without really stretching your limits.


2012 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships Bid

2012 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships Bid

To Respective WPA Confederations, Promoters, and Room Owners:

We would like to request any and all federations structured under the umbrella of the World Pool – Billiards Association (WPA), plus interested room Owners and/or Promoters to submit their interest in hosting/promoting the 2012 or the 2013WPA World “Artistic Pool” Championship.  Each event will take place at an agreeable date to Promoters/Room Owners/Federations that are interested. The sooner all details and dating can be arranged… The better of course for all concerned. Read more

Double Jump

There are a lot of trick shots that are practical and make sense to learn, simply because of their likelihood of coming up during actual gameplay.  A lot of shots, however, are simply for fun.  For instance, most of the shots involving multiple balls are merely for show.  On the other hand, though, a lot of the stroke shots we perform in competition and exhibitions are truly exaggerations of strokes you would utilize in everyday games.  Rarely, if ever, would you shoot the passing lane masse in a game.  You are, though, occasionally frozen to an object ball and might shoot through it with spin.

Dr. Cue Artistic Cup IV, Artistic Lag, Cue-Dean-“E” Make History!!

The 2010 Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup IV has etched its signature mark in billiard history once again.  16 of the world’s greatest Artistic Pool Playing Artists participated in this unique “Artistic Pool” Pro-Am Challenge at the beautiful Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO on December 3, 4, and 5.  Florian “Venom” Kohler from France raced to the “artistic” victory circle – taking home the first place guaranteed prize money, beautiful “Victory” Cup trophy, and title honors!


Several months ago Steve Lillis, founder of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, referred me to Maged Fawzy, leader of KDEC Sports Ministry, which has a very special outreach around Egypt and the Middle East.  Maged asked me if I could attend a family / youth sports festival at a retreat center in Beit el Wadi, Egypt (about 1.5 hours north of Cairo).  He wanted me to perform several shows and share my billiard journey / personal testimony with the attendees.  The “Wadi Experience”, as I now call it, had an amazing impact on my understanding of open eyes, open ears, open minds, and open hearts and the special needs that take residence in them.  What happened in Wadi is hard to explain in words!  Following is my account of this special journey!

Easy Three by Eric Yow

Everyone likes an easy trick shot to keep in their pocket to whip out just to show off from time to time. Sometimes the shots I feature here are quite difficult, but I like to put in some easy ones on occasion. This is a shot that is pretty easy, so long as you set it up right and use a good jump cue. Start by placing the three balls at the side pocket, as diagrammed. The two balls closest to the side pocket are in line, directly across table. Set the third ball up, accounting for a bit of throw, aimed about a diamond short of the corner pocket. With this set-up, you should be able to strike the middle ball and pocket all three with one stroke. The way it is diagrammed, I have you jumping the cue ball over a wall of balls to pocket the easy three. The only trick to this one is planning where the cue ball will land before striking the middle ball. If you hit it too hard or too soft, it changes the throw of the third ball, so practice with a consistent hit and consistent elevation. If you jump too hard and land on the middle ball, it will throw the middle ball too much.

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